My Must Haves for Baby’s First Year

Now that Cayde is ten months old I feel like I know what a baby needs and well does not need. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of “awesome looking” baby items out there. We just chose the simple route when buying items for Cayde. I should say the baby items we added to our registry.

In the beginning, I would wish I had this or I wish I had that, but in the long run I did not NEED any of those items that I WISHED for. So I made a list of all the items we needed, had, and used ALOT!

Prior to having Cayde, I would be on Pinterest and google researching what I did and did not need for a newborn. Yes. I even googled what baby items were pointless for baby. I quickly realized every baby, every parent is different. You may not need the Rock ‘n Play because your baby dislikes it but we needed it. So this is just a guide to help you if you are expecting or know someone that is. Here goes!

1. Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. This thing was a life saver. We used it with Cayde since the first day we brought him home. He preferred this over a swing. He loved that thing! It was so easy to transport to my parents house when they would watch him.

2. Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator. Okay the bulb thing they give you at the hospital and the beginning grooming kits for babies….I felt like I was damaging his poor nose every time I used that!! The snotsucker is so easy to use and Cayde doesn’t mind it at all! At first I thought the idea was gross and so did Rico. Don’t judge before you try it. Also, you will be using this until your child is able to blow their nose on their own. So worth the price tag.

3. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat. We have used this since his very first bath at home. At 10 months old we still use this. He has always loved bath tub and I do believe this tub has helped with that. When we travel for more than a week we bring this tub with us. He just sits in there and plays till his heart is content. The newborn sling was perfect for Rico and I to learn how to properly bathe Cayde.

4. Fuzzy Hooded Towel. I mean you don’t want their little noggins to get cold after a bath! I got his during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and he still loves it. I put his in the dryer right before he gets out of the tub so it’s all warm for him! I just really love these because they wash so well and hold their quality. Plus they are so cute and soft.

5. Munchkin 3pack Waterproof Changing Pad Liners. I keep one in my car, next to my bed in a basket, and in the living room. These were so easy to clean. For the first month, I did not change him in his room every time. I was healing and these were perfect to keep discretely in the house. We travel so much so these are perfect to travel with. Throw them in the washer and dryer and pack them away. Whoever invented these…genius!

6. Sound Machine. This is a must for everyone especially if you travel. We have a travel sound machine that I keep in the car too. It doesn’t last as long and is not loud like his other one but it does what it needs to do. Caydes first night at home we used a sound machine. At first it was only at night and as he got older and switched to 2-3 naps a day we started using the sound machine for naps as well. It helps Rico and I fall asleep faster too. So it’s a win win for everyone! We are about to purchase this sound machine as it has good reviews and my best friend loves it. It is so loud which is the only thing we don’t like about the one we have now.

7. Diaper Pail. I knew I did not want to be taking the trash out every day due to stinky diapers so we used this every day. Whenever we are home we use the pail and it honestly holds more diapers than you think. When we are traveling we use the diaper bag dispenser that are lavender scented. I keep one in my car and in the diaper bag at all times.

8. Fisher-Price Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym. They say to start doing tummy time the first day you are home with your little one. So we did. Cayde loved this gym. He would kick and grab the items hanging…so cute. Writing all this makes me sad actually. Now he is walking and seeing the world at all angles now. He used this for a good 6 months…until he started crawling and wanting to see the world.

9. 4moms Spout Cover. My best friend got us this at my baby shower and we loved it! It works as a spout cover for when they start playing in the water to protect them from hitting their head and as a temperature reader. Best of both worlds!

10. LILLEbaby Baby Carrier. I research a ton before choosing the right carrier for us. The reviews are awesome and many of my friends has this carrier and they love it. I just wished I would have had this since he was born. It would of made cooking and cleaning a lot easier if I would of had this sooner. I was unsure if I would even use a carrier but I have grown to appreciate it. It gives us a lot of freedom and Cayde loves being snuggled close to us.

11. Baby Monitor. We only used ours a handful of times but it came in handy when we did use it. It was a sense of security knowing Cayde was okay. I wish I would have brought it with us traveling because I am always opening the door and checking in on him.

12. Car Seat Mirror. This is also a sense of security knowing I could always see Cayde when I looked in my rear view mirror. This is a total must have item for the car.

13. Soft, Cuddly Blankets. Any soft blankets you find soft, buy! Personally I have a weakness for cute, soft blankets. Of course I would be the same towards my son. He has so many but this one was the one I used to cuddle him up with in the Rock ‘n Play. Cayde liked to be swaddled for the first week and that was it. So any time someone was watching him sleep, he would be wrapped in a soft, cuddly blanket.

14. Fridababy NoseFrida Wipes. Okay! These just might be the best invention ever. Teething causes runny noses. They have the Vick’s smell to them, which is perfect for when your little one has a runny, stuffy nose. I just may use them on myself the next time I get sick. These are hard to find so keep these on hand at all times. They are also cost effective but so worth it.

Then of course these items go without saying.

1. Car Seat. Read reviews.

2. Stroller. Test ride them out! We chose a jogging stroller since I like to either walk or run every day. Then we got an umbrella stroller for those short trips. I actually got that on a weekend trip to New York and got it at Babies R Us before they closed. We are now looking at getting just a simple compact stroller for travel. I would love to bring our jogging stroller but it takes up way too much room.

3. Diapers and Wipes. We use two kinds of wipes. When we brought Cayde home, we used Pampers Sensitive and now we alternate between Pampers Pure and Noodle & Boo.  If Target is out of the pure wipes use Pampers Sensitive. We also love the Noodle & Boo wipes. Cayde has sensitive skin and he has never had a problem with either brand. The Noodle & Boo wipes are slightly bigger so we prefer those.

4. Now for that cute little bum we use Honest All Purpose Ointment and A&D Diaper Rash Ointment. If you didn’t know this now you do…teething causes diaper rash. Cayde got his first diaper rash when he got his FIRST tooth! Like what?! We alternate between brands and they clear it up literally overnight.

5. Baby wash & lotion. We used Aveeno when he was first born and then we discovered Noodle & Boo! We love the smell and it lathers so good. Cayde gets compliments on how good he smells and it is every time we use the Noodle & Boo body wash and shampoo. Every product we have tried from them we LOVE! Cayde has sensitive skin and this has never irritated his skin.

Okay! I could go on for days talking about what products Cayde loved/didn’t love. So if you have any questions please ask! I will tell you Cayde did not like swings, being swaddled, and pacifiers. He was also strictly breastfed so he never really needed a bottle. The times my mom or Rico watched Cayde we used Comotomo bottles and Cayde took them just fine. So I have no advice on bottles. Cayde went straight to drinking out of cup and then a straw. Sippy cups is not my area of expertise either. The one I do like because it doesn’t leak are these. They also come in a larger version for when your child is older.

I really hope this helps some of you who are expecting and adding things to your registry. Or if you know someone who is expecting and you need a gift for them. XO






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