First Trimester

You guys are seriously amazing! Thank you so much for all your love, support, and kind words!! When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited. Rico was in Arizona working and I was in Pennsylvania so Cayde was technically the first to know. I called Rico immediately after and told him the exciting news!

How did I know I was pregnant? I had the same symptoms that I had with Cayde this time around. Only for the first few weeks though! My face broke out with acne and I couldn’t drink alcohol, even a sip of wine made me sick. I was in Flordia drinking a margarita when I got sick with Cayde. That was the first sign. This time I was drinking one glass of wine and got sick. The look and smell of alcohol makes me nauseated, still! Gosh how times have changed since my college days! Then my face started slowly breaking out and the exhaustion hit.

With Cayde I was sick to the point I had to go to ER because I couldn’t even keep water down let alone food. This time I was just nauseated. As soon as the second trimester hit for this baby, the nausea was gone. Hopefully it stays that way. I am able to eat whatever I am feeling unlike I could with Cayde. When they say every pregnancy is different, it is TRUE! I waited so long to announce to everyone I was pregnant because I didn’t even feel pregnant. Besides the acne, soreness of the breasts, and bloating from 6 weeks on, I didn’t feel pregnant.

It was around Christmas that we officially found out. My family and I took a trip to visit my sister in New York and I remember thinking that whole car ride, “Don’t vomit.” Gosh that was a rough 6 hour car ride. I made it through but I felt so bad. I could barely eat and just wanted to stay in bed. I wasn’t my usual happy, outgoing self. I knew then I needed to take a test.

After multiple doctor visits and hearing that heartbeat, I knew we were having a baby! Gosh we are so blessed.

So far we have a healthy, happy baby. We are getting Cayde prepared the best we can. He is such a lover and a snuggler so I am not worried. We know it will be exhausting and not easy, but we are so ready. Almost. We just need to find a house. No biggie. šŸ¤£ Cayde is already so independent that the only thing left is to potty train. We will start that when he is ready. I will continue to update you all on this journey. I haven’t been on stories much because we are literally in the middle of nowhere outside Columbus, Ohio. I rarely have service unless I am connected to WiFi. I am not complaining. We are actually enjoying the countryside and seeing how farmers do it all.

Much love! XOXO

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