Surprise Gender Reveal


Well! I have been meaning to do a post about the gender of Baby G #2, but life has been crazy busy. I also wanted to get good photos! So my girl, Lindsay hooked us up when we went to visit her in Virginia! Seriously do not know what I would do without that girl!

Scroll down to see some fun photos we took , even ones of us having some fun with πŸ’—paintπŸ’™

πŸ’™πŸ’™IT’S A BOY!! πŸ’™πŸ’™

I am going to be an all boy mom! Say WHAT??!! I am going to be outnumbered. That is totally fine with me! Of course Rico is through the roof excited to have not one but two minis of him. I cannot lie though. I was a tad bit bummed when I found out the baby wasn’t a girl. That quickly changed though because honestly, a mini me? Who am I kidding? Maybe some day but not anytime soon. I am so stinkin excited to welcome another baby boy into this world and he is already so loved!!

We almost didn’t get to see what gender Baby G #2 is because my little man was being stubborn. He was so curled up that he was hiding. I give major props to the nurse who did the ultrasound. After trying to move him she finally got some good pictures of well you know. Rico couldn’t make it to this appointment, so he was straight up texting, calling me the moment he knew I was done. We honestly thought the baby was a girl. I just feel so different this time around. No matter what the gender was going to be, we are just so thrilled and blessed we have another healthy, happy baby to welcome into this beautiful world!!

How hysterical is Caydes face in the one picture? Haha. You have to zoom in to see it. He was not thrilled about taking pictures. It was not exactly hot and 80 degrees outside. It was windy and kinda chilly. But he is a mommas boy so he did so good!

Now I am off to do some more {online} shopping since this time around I am having a summer baby!


2 thoughts on “Surprise Gender Reveal”

  1. I really like your Instagram photos. I was so curious, I just had to check out the web page too πŸ™‚ Looks great! You have amazing hair (jealous), and you are a cute mom. Thanks for the inspiration.


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