Far from Home

I always get asked, “How do I handle being in a long distance relationship with a toddler and being pregnant?” Well the answer….I just do it. Cliche I know but it is true! Seriously though when you are pregnant with your first baby you get all these “mom” powers and instincts you never knew about.

I usually travel with Rico but I am approaching my third trimester rather quickly. I still have some time, but we all know how time flies. We just got our new place that is FAR from being done. So this trip I decided to stay home. It’s never easy to say, “see ya later” to your loved ones but it is for the best. Rico and I sacrifice a lot so I can stay home with our babies. I am definitely not a single mom, but at times I feel like it. When Rico goes off to work in another state and I stay home, I basically am a single mom. I wouldn’t change it for the world except for Rico to always be home with us.

This time saying, “see ya later” was extra hard! Why? Because Cayde is getting bigger and gaining more knowledge. As soon as we got back home, Cayde went into his room and expected his daddy to be there. That’s where we put the TV so Rico could play his games. That’s the only room with seating right now. đŸ˜‚ Cayde instantly started to cry when he realized his daddy wasn’t there. I bawled! I mean I bawled like when a toddler doesn’t get their way. I sat on our steps and cried while Cayde ran over and gave me the biggest hug. Cayde is so used to change that he gets over it. Me? I have to stay strong for all three of us.

By day 4 of my rock, my best friend being gone I am usually back into the swing of things of just Cayde and I. We have our routine down and Cayde just goes with the flow. I do things to keep busy like organize and pamper myself with face masks at night. I craft new items (Check below for pictures) and clean! A lot of times Cayde and I go exploring and since the weather is getting nicer, we can go outside and explore. Rico is less than 3 hours away from us and I know I can go see him whenever. It’s the whole fact I wish life was perfect and he could stay home with us too. Don’t we all? But this is real life. As we all know life isn’t perfect. But I am so blessed and thankful to have a man like Rico to be by my side and support us. To love me for who I am. To handle my hormones. I could go on and on but you get the point.

As a mom, my sole purpose is my boys. I just do it. Over the last 17 months I have learned patience and I am still learning that! I am still learning things can wait if something doesn’t get done right away. I can’t ever sit still but Cayde has taught me to just chill and be in the moment. He is still teaching me things and I know baby boy #2 will teach me even more.

Every momma (single, working, stay at home, step) you are all truly awesome! We have our days but we get through them. I’m so thankful for all the support I have in my life to help get me by on my tough days, even if it is just a phone call or text. All I know is I have gained so much strength I didn’t know I had from all of this travel and long distance relationship stuff. Both are very hard to do while pregnant and raising a toddler but I just do it!


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