Second Trimester Update

Gosh! This pregnancy is flying by! I guess because this pregnancy I have traveled more and I am already a mom to a very active one year old! I feel like I have so much more to do until baby boy arrives when in reality it’s all in my head.

I have reorganized the nursery since we moved into our new place a thousand times. No seriously! We lack storage space in our new place so I have to come up with new ways to organize everything. I finally went through the newborn clothes that were boxed up and now I just have to freshen them up. All that is left is to decorate in the nursery…I think!

Oh besides build Caydes bed. I am transferring him to his FIRST big boy bed! He is ready and his doctors confirm it is okay. Baby boy will sleep in a bassinet next to us in our room for the first 6 months. By that time we will be making the decision to either move or stay renting where we are. I can’t even think that far ahead!

Really the only essentials we need are diapers and wipes. Oh and a double stroller! Packing of the diaper bag and our hospital bag will come in the last month of pregnancy. Okay the more I write, the more that comes to mind 😂 But it is all the little things that will come together in the next few weeks.

Overall, I have been feeling pretty good. Not as exhausted as I thought I would be. No morning sickness/nausea, no heartburn, and no swelling. My eyesight has for sure gotten worse earlier this pregnancy. Hence why I have been wearing my glasses more on stories. My skin is super, super dry and finding a lotion to help has been a challenge. If you all have any recommendations please send them my way!

I still get comments all the time how small I am. That is why we decided to not tell people how many weeks I am unless they are family and close friends. I am healthy and baby boy is growing like he should. Unless my doctors are concerned, I am not.

That is all for now! If you all ever have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!


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