Skincare Routine

Happy Wednesday friends!! Today’s blog post is about something that I try to hide. It’s something that I have struggled with both pregnancies. Only this time around, it is WAY better! It is what every person hates and hate is a strong word. ACNE! Ugh! Need I say more. I deleted a lot of my photos of close ups of my pregnancy with Cayde because my face was so red and bump covered. Get ready because this post is a little long.

That is why it is so important to find a man AND friends that love you no matter what you look like. It truly is what is on the inside that counts. Rico supported me by letting me buy different foundations and skincare products. I researched and bought it all! Sadly none of it worked. I wasn’t looking for miracles, but I was looking for products to help reduce the amount of redness and acne I had. Good news is, a month after I gave birth to Cayde my face cleared up! Hormonal acne I tell ya! Check below for some raw footage of what my face looked like during my pregnancy with Cayde. I had acne also on my chest and upper back but they were not as bad.

When I found out I was pregnant this time around, I knew instantly with me getting sick drinking wine and those pesky little red bumps popping up on my face. I just knew it and I was correct! As we all can see now I really am pregnant šŸ˜‚ I cried to Rico saying I can’t go through me hating what I looked again. I’m supposed to enjoy being pregnant and love what I look like. Don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant but the acne on the face, neck, and back I could deal without.

This time I told Rico I am not wasting money on buying products again that are not going to work. So I decided to do things the natural way. We already eat heathy…80%of the time so why not incorporate that in the products I use. I started using aluminum-free deodorants after I gave birth to Cayde. For my face, I always used anti-aging products and a lot of them you can’t use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. So literally I have let my skin go for the past 2 years. I’m not mad about it because I am about to have two beautiful, healthy boys!

I saw on social media that a new natural store opened up just outside my hometown. I decided why not try their products. Let me tell you, BEST decision I have ever made on facial products. My face is not red like it was last pregnancy and acne…it’s still there but minimal. I can actually feel good when I go out and about.

I did not take pictures of the packaging…sadly. The face bar I use is Castile Sensitive Bath Bar. Then I use GNC Vitamin A, E, D moisturizing cream as my moisturizer. Literally my morning and night face routine is less than $10! And I am supporting a local business! The place is called Trade Secrets Skincare and honestly they are the nicest people ever! They have helped me so much and I am forever grateful for their products. Their natural chapstick (comes in many flavors) is hands down my second favorite item from there. I use the unscented chapstick on Caydes cheeks when they are dry and within a few hours his cheeks are not red! I use the flavored ones on me and my lips this time around feel so stinkin soft and hydrated. I will for sure keep using those after I give birth! Their natural deodorants are amazing as well! Everything there is and they list every single ingredient they use on their packaging!

Then you all know I am obsessed with my Sephora face sheet masks. Every women needs to pamper themselves so I usually do those three times a week with a one or two nights of exfoliation. For Christmas, Rico bought me my jade roller. He also broke it last month šŸ™ˆ It still works! It is just that much better for traveling! I use that nightly and I will keep it in the fridge or pop in the freezer right before I use it. It feels amazing and it is so relaxing! Perfect to use after your moisturizer and right before bed. That’s it for my skincare! Products I use are shown below.

My skin may not be perfect or near perfect but I am so happy with how my skin looks and feels this time around! I am growing a human and we couldn’t be more blessed and thankful!

One last thing, I did not develop stretch marks while pregnant with Cayde and so far I haven’t this time around. I owe it all to Bio-Oil Skincare Oil. I use it morning and night starting the second trimester and all the way till I give birth. It doesn’t stain or ruin your clothes and it keeps my belly moisturized.

That’s it’s for now. I hope this inspires one of you! We are all truly beautiful inside and out! Don’t waste money on trying to cover up the problem, start at the base…your skin! I hope you are all having a wonderful day!


This was my face when I was pregnant with Cayde. No filter, no makeup. Just me!

Filters do a world of justice! This was at my baby shower when I was pregnant with Cayde. You can’t even tell what my face really looked like because I have a filter on this photo.

This is me as of today. You can see still a little red but I did exfoliate last night. No filter, no makeup.

The acne is not as bad. I see such a HUGE difference after switching to natural products. No filter, or makeup.

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