Packing for a Road Trip with a Toddler

Happy Monday friends!! This morning we had our baby appointment and that went good! Baby boy is happy and healthy.πŸ’™ Anyone else a procrastinator? No. Just me. In all honesty, I was never like that. Okay maybe somewhat but not to the extreme I am now. It is only with some things…like packing!! I guess it is because we have traveled so much the past 4 years (not complaining) that I can pack pretty quickly now. So I wait till the last minute possible to pack.

We leave tomorrow morning to go to New York! No not NYC but somewhere even better. To see my sister and her kids! This is probably the last time I will see them before I give birth. So I figured why not make a trip up there while I am still feeling like I can run the world. Any woman who goes through pregnancy knows the last month is all about nesting and just wanting the baby to be here. (I am not in my last month but I am close!)

Today’s blog post I am going to share with you what I pack for a 5 day road trip. Let me start off by saying every baby is different. Cayde, since he was 4 months old has been a little traveler. He is used to being in the car. This road trip is only a 5 hour ride (6-7 hours in baby time). Literally snacks, water, and his iPad is what keeps him entertained in the car. We will stop once for a diaper change and potty break. I am like my mom, we just like to get to where we are going as fast as we can. Meaning as little stops as possible. So I pack food for the car ride.

I am only packing a carry on suitcase for this trip and then my weekender bag will have shoes, diapers, and extra food. My clothes and Caydes clothes will all fit in here. I’m not bringing a lot of toys since Cayde will have his cousins to play with. I will bring his blocks and his toy car (lately we haven’t been able to leave the house without his shovel and truck πŸ˜‚)

I got my packing skills from Rico. Before I met him, I NEVER rolled my clothes. Let me tell you, I can fit so much more in a carry on suitcase if I roll our clothes. Try it out the next time you travel somewhere!

Makeup wise I bring as little as possible and I pack travel sized items. I use bronzer for eyeshadow and if we go out to dinner, I put eyeliner on.

Those little feet and toes😍

I hope this helps! Have a wonderful week friends!!


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