You are Doing Awesome

Happy Friday friends!! Don’t we all love a short work week after a holiday weekend?! Today’s blog post is well real. It is honest. I am writing it because I want others, not even just moms, but other women or men to know even the perfect pictures you see on social media are just a glimpse. We are all human. Life isn’t perfect and it for sure isn’t meant to be. We need to make mistakes to learn from them. How will we ever grow into a better person if we don’t make mistakes?

Being a mom is tough, but it is truly the best job I have ever had! I guess you can say I am a single mom right now even though I am far from single. Rico travels a lot! And there are times I can’t travel with him, like the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I have learned if I can’t get everything done that I need too, there is tomorrow. I am talking about the laundry or the dirty dishes not getting cleaned. Or if Caydes toys are not picked up before we go to bed. I’ve learned it’s okay and it is not the end of the world. I cry because I miss Rico. I don’t have help. At the end of the day, we are happy and healthy!

I’m here to tell you, I am far from perfect. Cayde is far from perfect too. He is a happy baby and he loves to snuggle. Let me tell you what, I thought my son would never eat his own poop. What happened 2 weeks ago that I didn’t share on stories, my son ate his own poop. I was in the laundry room for not even 5 minutes and I could hear him going to the bathroom. I thought well I will give him another minute or two to make sure he is done. Turned the washer on and I walked out and Cayde is licking his fingers. I thought well we just ate lunch, but I washed his hands. Then that’s when I saw it. Mommas it happens. This was all within 5 minutes. He is fine. He is healthy. He didn’t eat a lot of it. He didn’t get sick. I quickly gave him a bath and made him drink water. He is a okay!

Cayde is my little adventurer! I love it, except for all the times he is clumsy. He will run into walls without looking to see where he is going. He has banged his head off of more walls and floors than I can count. Does that make me a bad mom? Nope! My son has the personality of a free spirit, one like a sky diver. He has no fear. Some babies are more aware, cautious than other babies. You can’t protect your little ones from EVERYTHING!

Cayde has learned from his mistakes. He fell down 3 steps (aside from when I took a tumble carrying him down steps) and now he is cautious of the steps. He has fallen off a chair, he won’t stand on furniture now. Let me tell you, he is fine. He is growing the way he should, speaking the way he should, and all that Jazz. Plus all those percentiles are just an average of all the babies that age. Look at genetics. I am small and the majority of my family is too. Rico was a skinny baby. Trust your mom gut.

Just know you are doing awesome! Tomorrow is a new day,so don’t fret the small things. Enjoy every moment! Go jump in the rain puddles, heck let your kids play in the mud, eat dirt. They will be fine! What you see on social media is only a glimpse into a persons life. We all struggle, we all make mistakes, and we all cry. Just a little Friday motivation for you all! Have a wonderful weekend!!


Oh and also let your kids eat a pop-sickle on your sofa. It wipes right off!

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