Summer Travel Essentialsi

Hi friends! I can’t believe it is officially summer! Like what?! We had a much needed break from the rain this past weekend! 🙌🏼 Now that summer is officially here we all know what that means! Fourth of July will be here before we know it! That also means a lot of people will be traveling. So I decided to share my favorite travel essentials with you all!

Some would consider me a pro at packing with how much traveling we do and I’m sad to say, I am not. I am getting better at not overpacking though! Here is a list that I came up that have literally been lifesavers for us for packing/traveling.

1. Packing cubes. These are ideal because they just organize your items better. You can pack one cube for beach items only and another with shirts. They are super helpful if you are in the shower and you need your man to grab you a cube, you can tell him easily which cube. Instead of them digging through your suitcase and ruining your organization.

2. Makeup/Toiletry Case. I always keep my makeup and skincare in a separate case. You never know when they will leak. Plus you have one bag just for those items.

3. Portable fan. This is a must if you are pregnant because you can use this anywhere. Even if you are not pregnant, a portable mini fan can be used to set your makeup.

4. Mini mirror. I found mine at TJMaxx last year and it light ups. Perfect for doing your makeup in the car or in the hotel. It is thin enough to throw in your suitcase or bag.

5. Weekender Tote. I now have two and I use both! They are perfect for short road trips or to use as a carry on bag on the plane I will be using one for my hospital bag.

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