Baby Celebration

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. I have mainly been focusing on spending this last month of my pregnancy with family and Cayde. Literally soaking up every minute! I have also been nesting like crazy, which I love! If you know me, you know I love reorganizing! Home Goods and Ikea are my jam! Anyways, back to today’s blog post! Today I will be sharing baby boy #2 celebration! I hated the term sprinkle and honestly I wanted this “baby shower” to be more of a celebration, not about the gifts. So that’s why I chose to call it a “baby bash” or “celebration.”

My budget for this was $50 and I only spent $43! I had a lot of left over items from when I planned Caydes baby shower so that helped a lot! Let me first share the ONLY picture we got from that day 😂

I timed everything perfectly! I was late to my own baby celebration but we celebrated, laughed, and had fun after I arrived! There was a chance of rain that day and I was praying it would hold off until after the celebration. After an hour (the celebration was only for two hours), it got windy out. Stuff was blowing everywhere, confetti going into the food, and the tablecloth wouldn’t stay down. We knew rain was coming so we opened gifts and had the kids decorate their own cupcakes!

As soon as we finished eating and opening gifts we started packing up. The place I had my celebration had a small beach and a small playground for the kids to play at. So we were planning on doing that after we ate. As we were packing the cars up, it started to downpour! Literally we timed everything perfectly! I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration for our baby boy!

Now onto the decorations and food! So as you can see it was simple and that’s how I wanted it. The “oh baby” balloons I found in the dollar section at Target months ago! My mom let me borrow the checkered tablecloth and I bought the baby blue tablecloth at the Dollar Tree. The plates, napkins, cups, and silverware were all from the Dollar Tree as well. Any leftovers utensils I will be using after baby boy arrives! You can see one white balloon behind me because the rest popped after 30 minutes of being in the heat! They had confetti in them so I had some of that leftover and I sprinkled that on the table.

The balloons I bought at Five Below for Caydes shower and I think I got them for $3, maybe even $1. They came in a pack of 6 with confetti. They didn’t last too long with the wind and humidity. So I am kinda glad I didn’t rush out and get last minute balloons.

Now for the food I decided on a Chick-fil-A platter of chicken nuggets and different sauces, pasta salad, a bowl of fruit, and cupcakes. For drinks I had water bottles, iced tea, and Honest kid drinks.

For party favors, I created little bags that had the ingredients to make s’mores! Which I totally thought I took a picture of but didn’t 😭 I made a tag for them that said, “Adding s’more love to our family.” They turned out so cute! I wish I could show you all, but I did take a picture of the bowl of fruit I made😂

In the end, this was all about celebrating baby boy #2 and me just having some friend/family time before he arrives. I had so much fun and Cayde loved running around and hanging out with his cousins! I could not have asked for a better day, except for I wish Rico could have been here.

Thank you for reading and as always if you have questions or comments, leave them below!!


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