Preparing for Baby in my Final Two Weeks

Ahhh!! Where do I begin? Seriously guys, this pregnancy flew by. I can’t believe this time around the final month is flying by. When I was pregnant with Cayde, it seemed like the last trimester dragged by. Last week I took a very late baby moon with Rico and Cayde (only a 3 hour drive away from home) to get some sun. It was the best 4 days away!

Don’t get me wrong, I was very anxious and worried but once I got to the beach, I calmed down. Meaning I was able to relax instead of fearing I would go into labor. Call me crazy but I love adventure đŸ˜‚

The nursery is pretty much done. All of his newborn and three month clothes are washed and put away. I just need more storage containers (because I can’t ever have too many of those). Other than that, everything is organized and I am stocked as stocked can be.

I also have my nightstand all ready to go. Meaning I have a basket for diapers and wipes and then a basket for my breastfeeding supplies. I put a decorative bin downstairs containing the same items as well. Since I know I won’t have much help as I did with Cayde in the beginning, I am really focusing on just having things easily accessible in every room of the house.

I made a list of Caydes daily schedule. My parents will be watching Cayde while I am the hospital. Cue the tears because I am going to miss him like crazy!! I can’t wait for him to be a big brother though! I am trying to make my parents life easier with the list and me packing his suitcase of what he needs and uses daily. This isn’t my parents first rodeo so I know they got this.

All that is left to do is pack my bag and the baby’s bag for the hospital and sterilize the bottles. Cayde never took a bottle so I am going to introduce baby boy to a bottle earlier than I did with Cayde. I will still exclusively breastfeed, but I have a feeling with having a toddler, this baby will have to take a bottle at times.

All in all, it isn’t the end of the world if I am not ready. I mean I haven’t even put in his car seat yet đŸ™ˆ It is by the door so if it happens I can just grab it.

We are so ready to meet you baby boy! I will be posting a blog post of our hospital bag as soon as I have it packed!


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