What I packed in my Hospital Bag

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Surprise!! I delivered a happy, healthy, and beautiful baby boy last week! And yes I posted my last blog post in the hospital šŸ˜‚ I figured I wrote it, I should share it! I took the last week to really soak in family time away from social media. It felt so good.

My two boys are truly what makes my world go round. Lennox and I are doing good and Cayde is so in love with his baby brother. I make sure I still find alone time to spend with Cayde so he doesn’t feel left out.

Today’s blog post is about what to pack in your hospital bag. This is my second time around and let me tell you what, I still didn’t use half of what I brought. Let me start off by saying not all hospitals are the same. One of the main reasons we decided to stay where I was born and raised was because we had such a good first experience at our hospital delivering Cayde. I didn’t want to deliver Lennox anywhere else. My hospital gave us pretty much everything I needed.

This is the only picture I got of my hospital bag šŸ˜‚ I totally did a blogger fail and didn’t capture a cute bump photo with my packed hospital bags. The night I went into labor, I finished packing my bag.

For the Mommas:

1. Eye mask. This is a must so you can get some sleep during the day.

2. Body lotion. Your hands will get so dry from washing them so much.

3. Deodorant

4. Makeup remover wipes. I did bring my face bar and face lotion and I used neither. To refresh my face after delivering and at night/morning I just used makeup remover wipes.

5. Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

6. Chapstick. Believe me when I say the hospital dries your lips out. I was even asking for chapstick right after I delivered Lennox because they felt so dry.

7. Dry Shampoo. You can see I also packed shampoo and conditioner. I totally didn’t use those. Dry shampoo all the way!

8. Body wash. I didn’t use this either because the hospital had body wash for me to use.

9. Hairbrush

10. Body Sponge

11. Can’t forget about the cute toiletry bag!

12. Weekender bag

13. Extra tote. You will be coming home with way more than you entered the hospital with. Bringing an empty tote is a must.

14. Robe. Honestly I used the gown that the hospital had my whole stay. I didn’t want to bring anymore than I needed. I used the robe when I would go to the nursery or when I walked the halls.

15. Coming home outfit. I included black sweatpants that were loose and thin and a tshirt. Comfort is key.

16. Charger. I also brought an extension card so I could have my phone right next to me if charging.

16. I used my iPhone as my camera.

17. Wallet

18. Snacks galore!

19. Socks. My hospital also provided these but I wanted cute ones to wear.

20. Nursing bra

21. Cheap flip flops to wear in the shower.

22. Hair ties

23. Pillow and blanket. This made me more comfortable sleeping at night.

My hospital provided:

1. Tucks Pads

2. Perineal bottle

3. Nipple cream (if breastfeeding)

4. Pads

5. Underwear

And for the baby:

1. Diapers and wipes

2. Little onesies

4. Swaddle blankets

4. Hats

What I packed for baby:

1. Coming home outfit

2. Swaddle blanket and hat to take cute photos

3. Infant car seat

And literally that was it.

For all you first time moms, ask your hospital what they provide. A good tip is whatever the nurses put in your room, you pay for (well your insurance). So when you are getting discharged, take those extra pads, diapers, etc! You will use them when you get home!

For your spouse, really all they need is extra clothes and their toothbrush.

Pack travel sized items! Everything I brought was travel sized so I only had one bag. I didn’t even put on makeup. I rather soak in the first 48 hours with my baby boy than doing my makeup.

I hope this is helpful and as always if you have any questions/comments leave them below!


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