Fall Decor on a Tight Budget

As I was talking to my neighbor last night we got on the topic on whether or not we would be renewing our lease. It is still too early to tell for us but more than likely we won’t be renewing. Even my mom says I won’t be happy anywhere unless I build my house 😂

Anywho that topic changed to the topic of decorating our places for the holidays. I figured this would be an awesome blog post to share. My go to places to shop for cheap decor is the Dollar Tree and the dollar section at Target. If we move, I won’t mind throwing away our holiday decorations if they get ruined. Also Five Below is a good place too. Last Christmas, I got my lighted garland there for $5!!!

I love crafting so I will get ideas on Pinterest and recreate my own fall decorations to save even more money. Below are just some of my fall decorations and everything I got is either from the Dollar Tree or the Dollar section at Target.

I am also starting to look for decorations for Christmas. I know I know still early but now is when places have sales on Christmas items.

Almost everything shown here (believe it or not) I crafted myself! The black lantern is made out of black picture frames from the Dollar Tree and the candle inside is from the Dollar Tree as well. It is battery operated so perfect for the nighttime. The wooden crate was gifted to me at my baby shower. I made the leaf garland out of a package of leaves and string I got at the Dollar Tree. The plaid pumpkin was a $1 from the Target dollar section. Then the “Hello Fall” sign I made myself last year. Literally the materials came from the Dollar Tree. It is not perfect but it is unique so I decided to keep it.

This little set up is at the bottom of our stairs, right inside the front door. We keep our shoes underneath for storage.

I will add one or two small real pumpkins to this as well.

Update: I added three small pumpkins and I just love this little nook!

This tray I found in the Target dollar section a few months ago for $5! Such a steal and I can get multiple uses out of it. The pumpkins are $1 each from Target! I use this display on my dining room table or on my ottoman in my living room.

So we have this awkward brick wall that used to be a fireplace. They closed it off and just made a huge section into brick. The glass pumpkins I got at Hobby Lobby on sale last year and they were less than $5 each. The DIY glass jar ghost, pumpkin, and Frankenstein I made out of baby food jars! How cool are they? Oh and run to your nearest Trader Joe’s to get this Honeycrisp Apple scented candle! It smells so good and fills up our entire townhouse!

I made this wreath about 5 years ago and now I just change out the decorations for each holiday. I found these leaves at the Dollar Tree and I am going to go back for more to add to it. Cayde helped me decorate it which I love involving him. I will add some fall flowers to it as well. Update: The last time I went to the Dollar Store to get fall flowers I had to leave because Cayde was acting up. So this may be all the fall decorations this wreath gets 😂

I’m not one to decorate my bedroom for fall (Christmas is a whole other story) but I couldn’t resist this year. Rico made our nightstands and I am in love! I had to add a fall touch to my nightstand. It isn’t much but I adore it! All three pumpkins are from Target! I will rearrange these pumpkins to add some fall touch on Rico’s nightstand.

Another tip is I “collect” decor I find at the Dollar Tree or the Target dollar section. The stuff I have bought but haven’t been able to use (like the white tray) always comes in use within the year.

Last but not least, here is our front door. Cayde loves helping put the gel clings on the window! I got these at Target for $1 each. So I paid $3 to decorate my front door.

I hope this helps inspire one or all of you to decorate even if you are on a tight budget!


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