The Things Nobody Tells You About Pregnancy

Happy Wednesday friends!! Rico is traveling to North Dakota today (jealous) and I always worry when he travels. Just me being well me. I’m all about being real and that is what today’s blog post is all about.

I keep telling myself I gave birth once I can do it again. I know I can but every pregnancy and delivery is different. I was in labor almost 24 hours with Cayde! As I am approaching the end of this pregnancy I thought about all the things I went through with Cayde that I didn’t expect. Here are 8 things that I came up with telling you the things I wish somebody told me!

1. Contractions and being dilated are no joke. I spent Thanksgiving Day that year on my hands and knees. Every time I called the doctor he stated that I didn’t sound like I was in labor. They tell you to come in when you can’t walk and can hardly breathe. Um….that was me and the doctor was still telling me I wasn’t in labor. The car ride to the hospital, every bump, was rough to say the least. When I got to the hospital, my contractions were less than 2 minutes apart. Thank goodness I was surrounded by my whole family to help and cheer me on.

2. The knocks you get while you are in the recovery room are never ending. Legit I swear every 20 minutes I had somebody knocking. How was I supposed to sleep with all that? It wasn’t even my friends or family visiting me. It was mainly hospital staff.

3. All I could think about while in labor was how hungry and thirsty I was. I wanted food so bad, but once they hook you up to that IV, no food for you momma. Rico would say he was leaving for a bit and it was to get food. He wouldn’t tell me it was for food because he felt bad but I knew. My hospital gave us a gourmet mail that night I gave birth and I couldn’t eat any of it. I tried but I just couldn’t. It looked so good too so hopefully this time around I can eat it!

4. Pregnancy brain does not disappear once you give birth. I remember I got ketchup in my eye the third day after I gave birth to Cayde! I don’t even like ketchup but I craved it with Cayde at times. Little, silly things like that still happen, even before I got pregnant again.

5. I could not wipe myself the last month of pregnancy. TMI I know but gosh! Nobody told me that. I should say it was a struggle, but I made it happen. And no nobody helped me πŸ˜‚ I struggled but I made it happen!

6. You get hot and I mean sweaty hot while breastfeeding. Maybe it was just me but Cayde was a winter baby. It was not 80 degrees outside when I had him. This time I am having a summer baby so I have a mini, portable fan to carry around with me this timeπŸ˜‚

7. I just thought Charley horses were a thing when I was a runner not for pregnancy. They were real with Cayde. Luckily I have only had them once in the middle of the night this pregnancy. It always happened in the middle of the night where I couldn’t move. I would eat bananas like it was my job! Bananas helped but they didn’t solve the problem.

8. Contractions still happen if you breastfeed. No joke 2 weeks after I gave birth to Cayde, I was still having contractions. Totally normal my doctor said but crazy!

I’m sure I will think of more but those top 8 are ones I never read about or was even told about. I hope you get a laugh out this because looking back I am laughing. It is all normal and apart of becoming a mom. To every momma, you got this!!


No Internet, No Problem

Happy Monday friends!! Gosh this past week has been…an emotional roller coaster to say the least. Today’s blog post is being sent from sitting outside a gas station. It is the only place I could find decent service πŸ˜‚

I wouldn’t mind so much not having service if my business wasn’t based off of my phone. I have literally been going insane! I miss sharing try ons with you all! I miss interacting and just having a social life! So what have I been doing with having no service/lack of service?

Well let me start off by explaining why we don’t have service. About 3 months ago, Rico and I switched phone companies mainly to save money. Little did we know, the service where we would be living would be horrible. Since we moved into our home, my service has been slowly going downhill. I would get 2 bars, but recently I have had no service! I feel so distant from Rico because he can’t ever see us on FaceTime. Well my calls always fail on him, so talking has been minimal too. When I do find good service, I take FULL advantage because I know it won’t last.

Fast forward, I went in store to talk to someone and they blamed my phone. After the lady talked about how the service is spotty where we live, even in their store, and a few other places! Nope, not my phone. I am in my third trimester, I need service just in case something happens. So we decided to switch back to Verizon, but we had to go through all of these trial and errors before we could cancel with the plan we have now. Hence, why it is taking me so long to get internet again! Lesson learned.

So how have I been filling my time?

I have been finally getting around to making and sending out the baby celebration invites! If you don’t know me, I love arts and crafts. DIY projects, yes please! Since I am not inviting as many people as I did for my first one, I wanted to make it as special as I could. Not having service or internet, I couldn’t design them on the computer. Next best thing, make them. I went to Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite stores) and got simple invitations and I hand wrote the invitations.

Honestly I LOVE how they turned out. I am a little OCD when it comes to this type of stuff. Some of it isn’t centered, but it is the thought that counts.

I have been cleaning and reorganizing. I mean how many times can I do that? I am still finding things to throw away. I have made lists of everything to stock up on before the baby comes. Cayde and I play outdoors when it isn’t raining. We go to my parents house since I can’t communicate with my friends.

It has been super stressful and with my hormones, I have cried a lot. I feel so alone even though I am far from alone. I got so frustrated because I couldn’t do any blogging. I wasted a lot of gas trying to find service over the past month. In the end, we are healthy. We have food and a roof over our head. This is only temporary and hopefully tomorrow I have internet and service again!!

No matter what life throws at you, figure a way to make it positive. I got to really soak in my time with Cayde and just focus on baby boy kicking. I’ve gotten to know my neighbor pretty well! Cayde adores her son (they are 4 months apart). Let’s just say I am simply living in the moment! I hope you are all having a fabulous start to your week!


Third Trimester Update

Happy Wednesday friends!! I wanted to share a little third trimester update with you all! Seriously this pregnancy has flown by 😭 My due date is arriving rather quickly and there is still so much to do.

I decided last minute I would throw baby boy a celebration! Basically it is for me to have girl time and to celebrate baby boy. Literally I am getting a Chick-fil-A platter, a bowl of fruit, and water/sparkling water. I mean who doesn’t love/want Chick-fil-A?? It is going to be super small and simple because I want to focus on celebrating baby boy! So I am looking forward to that happening at the end of this month. I mean I still haven’t sent out the invites but I have told the girls πŸ˜‚ I will share on Instagram stories and I will write a blog post on it at the end of this month!

I have been missing Rico a lot! As the days pass, it is getting harder. Cayde has been sick so he has been super needy (he is all better now). Not having Rico’s support physically here has been the hardest. I don’t have much help nor do I ask for help. That is my weakness. My hormones are all over the place right now. I cry one day and the next I am super happy. At the end of the day, I know how blessed we are. I take nothing for granted. Cayde being needy and wanting extra snuggles, I soak it in. I know it won’t last forever 😭

Overall, I have been feeling good! I am trying to stay active as I’ve been doing this whole pregnancy. I mean active as in going for daily walks (when it is not raining). I am still over here organizing and cleaning daily. Hello nesting mode. I know once baby boy gets here, that won’t happen as much as I would like. Cayde helps me clean and it is the cutest thing ever!

It is crazy to think how I was all prepared before my third trimester when I was pregnant with Cayde. Now I am like I will wait to get newborn diapers and such. This baby boy is already loved so much and I can’t wait to share the rest of this pregnancy with you all!


10 random facts about me

Hey guys! I have seen some new faces here on my blog and to my Instagram so I figured it was time for you guys to get to know me more.

Today I am going to share with you all 10 random facts about me to help you all get to know me better. If you ever have any questions, always feel free to message or email me! Let’s be friends!!

1. I do not like milk. I can’t tell you the last time I sat down and had an ice cold glass of milk. When I was younger, in like third grade, somebody put ketchup in my cup of milk. The cup was not see through and it had a lid on it. I drank out of it and I am sure you can figure out what happened next. I eat cookies with whatever I am drinking (don’t judge). I love ice cream, cheese, and yogurt. Just not milk!

2. I use explanation points WAY too much!!! Even if it is just a simple text to a friend it will have explanation points instead of a period. I always try to be positive and happy towards others and a text you can’t express happiness like you can through voice. So I feel explanation points express that without telling.

3. I do not have the patience to cook. My family is Italian and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays with all the homemade food there is. Personally, I burn eggs. I get to doing other things and then I forget that I am cooking. I love baking…only the eating partπŸ˜‚

4. I clench my teeth when I talk to my son because he is just that cute. I mean I am slightly obsessed, okay excessively obsessed with my son. It is so amazing that I made him. Every new milestone just melts my heart and I am so proud of him. I can only imagine when baby boy #2 arrives!

5. I HAVE to listen to country music when I go to the bathroom. Rico thinks it is so weird and it is. It cannot be any other kind of music, ONLY country. Ever since I was in high school, when I go number two I have to be listening to country music. TMI I know.

6. I have to wash my feet every night. Have you ever seen those memes where it has a shower picture and it shows what products the guy has and woman has? The woman has like 10 bottles in there compared to the two items the guy has. That is me and one of those items is my shea sugar scrub that I get from Ulta. I use this scrub seriously almost every night. I usually don’t do it during the winter months as much but you best believe when I wear flip flops I am scrubbing my feet before bed. What can I say I love clean feet before I hop into bed?

7. I LOVE organizing. No like I LOOOVVVEEE organizing. Anytime I go to Home Goods or TJMaxx, even Target, I look at storage bins. You can never have too many right?!

8. I dislike ketchup. Read number one and this goes hand in hand. I say dislike because when I was pregnant I would have a little bit of ketchup with my fries. That didn’t last too long because I haven’t had ketchup since then. This pregnancy give me all the Avocado Lime Ranch dressing from Chick-fil-A and this momma is happy πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

9. I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a bachelors degree in Kinesiology: Movement Science. I wanted to become a Physician Assistant, but after I graduated I wanted to travel. I still have a passion for the medical field and still read up on my anatomy books. With traveling brought me seeing all the cute little boutiques and made me realize I would love to open up my own business someday. I should have went for business but I do not regret a thing. I have useful knowledge that helps when someone I know is sick or hurt.

10. My foods cannot touch on my plate. Weird I know. You will be surprised when you actually get to know people and how they live at home that there are more people than you think that are like this. I am the only one in my family like this. I go through about 3 plates at Thanksgiving, but my family is used to it at this point in my life.

And there you have it! I hope this helps you all to get to know me better. As always, thank you for reading!!


You are Doing Awesome

Happy Friday friends!! Don’t we all love a short work week after a holiday weekend?! Today’s blog post is well real. It is honest. I am writing it because I want others, not even just moms, but other women or men to know even the perfect pictures you see on social media are just a glimpse. We are all human. Life isn’t perfect and it for sure isn’t meant to be. We need to make mistakes to learn from them. How will we ever grow into a better person if we don’t make mistakes?

Being a mom is tough, but it is truly the best job I have ever had! I guess you can say I am a single mom right now even though I am far from single. Rico travels a lot! And there are times I can’t travel with him, like the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I have learned if I can’t get everything done that I need too, there is tomorrow. I am talking about the laundry or the dirty dishes not getting cleaned. Or if Caydes toys are not picked up before we go to bed. I’ve learned it’s okay and it is not the end of the world. I cry because I miss Rico. I don’t have help. At the end of the day, we are happy and healthy!

I’m here to tell you, I am far from perfect. Cayde is far from perfect too. He is a happy baby and he loves to snuggle. Let me tell you what, I thought my son would never eat his own poop. What happened 2 weeks ago that I didn’t share on stories, my son ate his own poop. I was in the laundry room for not even 5 minutes and I could hear him going to the bathroom. I thought well I will give him another minute or two to make sure he is done. Turned the washer on and I walked out and Cayde is licking his fingers. I thought well we just ate lunch, but I washed his hands. Then that’s when I saw it. Mommas it happens. This was all within 5 minutes. He is fine. He is healthy. He didn’t eat a lot of it. He didn’t get sick. I quickly gave him a bath and made him drink water. He is a okay!

Cayde is my little adventurer! I love it, except for all the times he is clumsy. He will run into walls without looking to see where he is going. He has banged his head off of more walls and floors than I can count. Does that make me a bad mom? Nope! My son has the personality of a free spirit, one like a sky diver. He has no fear. Some babies are more aware, cautious than other babies. You can’t protect your little ones from EVERYTHING!

Cayde has learned from his mistakes. He fell down 3 steps (aside from when I took a tumble carrying him down steps) and now he is cautious of the steps. He has fallen off a chair, he won’t stand on furniture now. Let me tell you, he is fine. He is growing the way he should, speaking the way he should, and all that Jazz. Plus all those percentiles are just an average of all the babies that age. Look at genetics. I am small and the majority of my family is too. Rico was a skinny baby. Trust your mom gut.

Just know you are doing awesome! Tomorrow is a new day,so don’t fret the small things. Enjoy every moment! Go jump in the rain puddles, heck let your kids play in the mud, eat dirt. They will be fine! What you see on social media is only a glimpse into a persons life. We all struggle, we all make mistakes, and we all cry. Just a little Friday motivation for you all! Have a wonderful weekend!!


Oh and also let your kids eat a pop-sickle on your sofa. It wipes right off!

New York Trip

Happy Tuesday friends!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating the real reason for Memorial DayπŸ’™β€οΈ We spent it with family and traveling. I could not have asked for a better weekend. Today’s blog post is a recap of our trip to New York!

We left last Tuesday and traveled back on Sunday. So almost a week we were there. It went by WAY too fast. Doesn’t vacation always go by super quick?! Time for sure could have slowed down since I have no clue when I will see my sister and her kids again😭 With me giving birth and needing to finish decorating the house this summer, my days are filled. The kids still had school but they were off Friday and then of course the weekend. Honestly we didn’t do too much besides spend quality time with the kids. My sister has 3 kids and they truly are the best.

I should start out by saying, Cayde did amazing in the car! He didn’t even cry once. He napped 2.5 hours and then ate and played on the iPad the rest of the way. He truly is the best little travel partner!

Tuesday night after we arrived we went straight to see both of my nephews sing! They did so good and Cayde was too cute dancing to them singing! Wednesday and Thursday were our lazy days of just hanging out indoors. Friday it was freezing, like fall temps so we didn’t do much besides play games and watch movies! Such a chill, relaxing day. Saturday we went to the zoo! Cayde loved it. He was little Mr. Independent and wanted to venture off on his on. He wanted no part in sitting in the stroller. He walked alongside his cousins and literally had the time of his life. Then we went and got supplies to surprise my sister for her birthday. Then Sunday we played outside since it was beautiful out until we got back in the car to drive back home.

Seeing Cayde interact and give them hugs truly melted my heart πŸ’ž It is crazy to think how grown the kids are and how fast time truly does go by. I always say, live like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy every second of every day. There is no time for negativity. Cayde and I are so happy we were able to go. We had the best time! Now onto to see daddy!


That’s his I’m scared but still forcing a smile face πŸ˜‚ He warmed up to all the animals after a good 10 minutes of being there.

Working while Traveling

Happy Friday friends!! Today’s blog post is all about a popular question I get asked a lot. What are my tips for working while traveling, especially with a toddler?

Self discipline is key for sure. I have to set small goals for myself each day. Whether that is to read 3 chapters in my self development book, edit pictures, or create new blog posts I always set small goals. I can’t overwhelm myself and after 28 years I have learned that. I can’t complete everything I need to do in one day and still be a mom, girlfriend.

Time management is another huge tip. I set aside time, which is during Caydes nap time, to work. If I don’t or I am too exhausted (growing baby boy number 2 over here) and have to take a nap while he naps, I stay up an extra hour at night after he goes to bed. If you don’t have kids, schedule a time dedicated to your task at hand. Do not let anything interrupt that time. I know sometimes that can’t be easy or doable, but give it a try. Give yourself an hour and you will be amazed at what you accomplish. Even if you have kids, schedule an hour. If that has to be when when your kids go to sleep, then that is when it is.

That leads to don’t get discouraged if you have setbacks or interruptions. Life happens. Just don’t lose your focus. Tomorrow is a new day and if you lose track one day, the next day pick right up where you left off with your work. It happens even to the best of us.

Dreams don’t work unless you do! It is so true. I have BIG dreams and goals for my future and my family’s future that on the days I don’t feel like it, I still push myself. All because I have set aside a time frame just to work.

I love what I do so I love creating content for you all! So me setting aside time while Cayde naps to work on influencer stuff, I love! It’s ”me” time. I hope this helps! I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!