Diaper Bag Essentials


As I was about to give birth to my son, I googled and even searched on Pinterest ‘what to pack in a diaper bag’ because I was about to be a new momma who was very lost. Stupid question I know. Let me tell you what, Pinterest saved my life. We travel a lot and Cayde has been to more states in his first 5 months than I have in my first 5 years of life. He is the best travel partner I could ask for, but I learned very quickly what I needed to pack in the diaper bag to make our travels easier. Here is what you will always find in our diaper bag at all times.

Besides the common sense essentials like the diapers, wipes, changing pad, and an extra set of clothes as we are traveling we need a little extra more tucked away in our diaper bag.



  1. Spot treatments to go. Tide to go and Dreft are a must to have on hand. As parents now, we are always spilling something on our shirts due to trying to balance a 5 month old in one arm and a spoon in the other. Those little fingers are always creeping to see what that spoon is all about.
  2. Hand Sanitizer. Now this is a must especially during flu season. For me, hand sanitizer was always tucked away in my purse so it only makes sense for me to put one in my newest accessory…diaper bag. The Honest Co. has been our go to since having a baby.
  3. Lotion. Ever since having Cayde my skin has become super dry so lotion is a must. Cayde has his separate lotion since he has sensitive skin.
  4. Disinfectant Spray. Again this is a must during flu season, but with traveling and being in so many public spaces, we disinfectant everything.
  5. Disposable Diaper Bags. I got these as a gift at my baby shower and they have come in handy. They remind me of the bags that you use for your dogs when they go to the potty out in public haha. These are the Munchkin Disposable Diaper Bags and they are lavender scented so it absorbs the bad odor from diapers. Perfect for the car since we do not have a garbage can in there.
  6. Teething toys. The ONLY teething toy that Cayde loves is the Sophie la Girafe Teether. He is obsessed with that one and ONLY that one.
  7. Burp Cloths. Aden + Anais makes some of the cutest prints for burp cloths and between all of the drool due to teething and the occasional spit up, multiple burp cloths are essential for road trips.
  8. Blanket. For those cold, chilly nights. At my baby shower I was gifted with multiple blankets (all of my friends and family know that I love blankets/throws). So Cayde always has one or two blankets and I change them out every so often.




I am a sucker for miniature products because they fit so easily in his bag. But of course the fun items like mints and his hairbrush are just extra. Lets just say, Cayde is SUPER close to crawling so his legs are always a moving. So this post took WAY longer than planned due to him inching his way all over my lap and computer.

xoxo, Kayla